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DLS ensures the highest available quality and consistent use of terminology. We tirelessly monitor quality by gathering feedback from our customers.

The remarkable team of qualified translators and consultants

The tested team of professional translators who work together with DELTA is able to handle all customer requirements. Our team includes representatives from many specialty areas.

Quality Assurance

We ensure the highest possible quality. DELTA verifies the quality of most translations by requesting independent reviews by native speakers of the target language.

The constantly growing group of our customers speaks for itself!


Our translations are linguistically and editorially correct.

Discretion and Security

DELTA concludes special security and confidentiality agreements with their customers. Each of our translators has signed a confidential information non-disclosure agreement.


The most up-to-date software solutions enable us to provide fast and smooth communication between us and our customers. DELTA uses only secure means of transferring electronic documents. Frequently updated antivirus programs and filters protect our customers` materials and our electronic mail against viruses.


DELTA delivers translations on time at the customer`s convenience. The translated material can be delivered to you via e-mail, regular mail, through a courier company or a messenger. Everything according to your preferences!